Humans and technology have a very unique relationship: they are so different but with such a strong bond between them. Perfection and imperfection coexist with an impossible balance which leads to surprising events.

Chilowatt -electric company+ is a project by Lorenzo Crivellari, juggler, musician, inventor with over 10 years of experience with street and theatre performing.

* "Potential Difference" (2014) has been the first creation of Lorenzo and Chiara Lucisano: a lightshow where electricity could be seen and heard.


* "Slices" (2017) is an experience for 1 person at the time. A dive into a LoFi sea of memories.

* "Rex" (2018) what if Nikola Tesla had been a juggler ?! or a musician ? 

Crazy experiments in a creepy and funny atmosphere


Lorenzo Crivellari

Juggler, musician and inventor, from Novara, a small city near Milan. In 2007 he moves to Rome and starts the Fool's wing company with Shay Wapniaz, performing “Street swing” all over Italy. From 2013 he has been working as a performer in Alessandro Sciarroni's (contemporary dance choreographer) piece called “UNTITLED I will be there when you die”, touring all over the world. In 2014 he starts Chilowatt -electric company+ and creates, with Chiara Lucisano, “Differenza di Potenziale” an acrobatic show en plein air inspired by the element of the light.

In 2018 he creates REX a streetshow inspired by Nikola Tesla.

In 2019 he creates and live performs the original score of "Simposio del silenzio", contemporary dance piece by Lucrezia Maimone.

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